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We have been raised and socialized to think in a particular way about spy cameras. The minute we hear about spy cameras we get the thought that installing spy cameras has something to do with espionage. I mean we cannot blame anyone. We have been conditioned to think about spy cameras which have more to do with national security but in this world and age where domestic security is equally essential, investing in a spy camera would certainly not hurt.

Be it a school, shops, college, office, we all dread the situation where we are being robbed without our knowledge. Also, such cameras act as a weapon of deterrence which can be helpful in maintaining and warding off unwanted occurrences to take place.Spy cameras are available on the markets under a variety of names. Be it covert cameras, spy gears, spy cameras, hidden cameras. In this age and time of responsibilities and rising prices of all commodities, it has become an unsaid rule that both husband and wife should earn to lead a decent standard of living.

Use case of Hidden spy camera & how can it make your simpler-

Often when the mother is also working, she might have to hire a nanny. I understand and empathise with the plight of mothers who have to, under some challenging circumstances vest faith on a nanny. Such a situation could be pretty unsettling. To satisfy and make sure the job is being done well, it would not hurt to keep an eye on the nanny. Spy cameras or nanny cameras do an excellent job on invigilate the nannies’ moves. (PS- We have coverd a detailed guide on “Best Nanny Camera”as well)

Crime rates are only shooting up, and I do not see, or neither do many surveys conclude that such rates will be declining any time soon. If you have long working hours or live in an unsafe neighborhood, installing a spy camera could prove to be very helpful. Or if you have aging parents staying at home and would want to keep an eye if they are safe, such devices come in very handy. Or if you want to keep check on that husband of yours who is susceptible to give in all the hedonistic pleasures, investing in such a device could be a plus.

Price of Hidden Spy Camera-

The price range of  spy cameras/covert camera varies depending on different features. The devices could vary depending on which company you get the device from or is there an availability of customized features or if they are equipped with night vision and a range of other features.

With all sorts of advancements taking place in all sorts of appliances, the development of spy cameras has also done well in this department. Gradually they have increased in efficiency, recording abilities, providing with a range of features which includes night vision, outdoor vision and the list goes on. Following is a list of various devices which you should consider or watch out for if you wish to buy any spy camera or spy gear.

Jentron 12MP Hidden Spy Camera Mobile Charger

Won’t you be surprised that a USB charger was used to spy on you? Well this not only who has been spied by a USB charger spy camera. Because No one would ever suspect that a charger which has a USB port could act as a spy camera. This is the most unnoticeable form of spy camera. Well being unnoticeable is exactly the whole point of it being a spy camera. Living rooms are usually the most visited and crowded space in any house. And a charger occupying a socket is one of the most normal features. 

Jentron Spy Camera is a very light product and weighs merely around 56 grams. One of the features which this device is it’s 12mp  camera, which is capable of 1080P full HD recording & The picture quality provided by this device is really commendable. 

One of the another features which is the best in class is that Jentron Spy Camera has a pretty good sound recording quality. Yes! Not only will you be able to see what is going on, this little device even captures the audio which is an amazing additional feature you get while many other spy camera’s miss this, given the small size of the device.

Jentron Spy Camera supports up to 32 GB of memory. Jentron claims that it can record up to 120 hours that too in 1080P mode. This device has an added advantage and works on motion detection basis. Their is a toggle which lets you choose between continuous recording and motion based recording.

The Jentron Spy Camera operates on a battery. Well to be accurate, It works only on Lithium Polymer or Lithium- ion batteries. It is a fuss free device and does not need much maintenance at all, except charging the batteries in a few months. The device comes with a USB cable and the camera charger. 

Dimensions of Jentron Spy Camera are as follows 7.6 x 7.6 x 2.5 cm. I cannot stress enough on the weight and the size of this device. These weight of it makes very portable and easy to be carried around.  Thanks to the The specialty of Jentron Spy Camera is that you do not need to think of a hiding place for this at all. This device can be at the centre of the room and nobody will be able to detect if this device has something hidden or mysterious about it. 

All I can say about this device is that if you are looking for a small device and do not want to incest a lot of money on any of the spy cameras, this device is just perfect for you. It seems to be a pretty good deal with the money it charges. This product seems to be conducive for any purposes.

Spy Pen with Surveillance Hidden Camera

One of the most clichéd ways, a person could be hiding a camera is in a pen. We all have seen James Bond movies where they pry on the privacy of their enemies by simply slipping the secret camera in a pen or something small and common objects. This object is not at hard to get. So let that Sherlock Holmes which you have kept trapped in for so long come out.

Well this pen is not only meant for snooping in, it is also functions and works well. This pen glides on the paper and has both video and audio recording features which are a major plus. This device has a built in rechargeable lithium ion battery. You life seriously could not have gotten easier than this. Trust me when I say this.

This device is subject to all sorts of customizations which you want to do with this device. You can fix up and get USB facilities and memory card ports which could also be inserted in this pen. The pen comes with a lens and on the back of the pen there is a click button. You can click this when you want to record anything. 

The weight of this product is a mere 109 grams and records the video with all the colours. The product dimensions are 2.9 cm x 2.9 cm x 17.6 cm. the product is majorly made out of plastic. 

You can simply slip this device in a person’s breast pocket and pry on and get all the information or evidence that you require. This multi function pen is seriously a boon and records with the actual colours and does not have a monochromatic recording limitation. Along with recording natural colours HD video it also has a clear audio. This pen can also take image pictures if the need arises. 

How cool is that?

This particular device fits in perfectly well if you are looking for purchasing a fairly affordable device which can help you enhance your spy equipments; this device is exactly what you must be looking for. This is probably one of the best spy camera pens available on the market. 

MACHSMART 1080P Portable Mini Motion Detection Hidden Spy Camera

Looking for a product through which you can live stream all the action and not be caught, well this is the product which you should pick up without any hesitation.. You need to set up this particular device, not that the set up is something complicated, but it is not as easy as slipping a pen in the breast pocket of any person. 

Some of the basic features of this particular product are that it has a video resolution quality of 1920 * 1080P (30 FPS). It is precisely a snap shooting model and has the feature of smart motion detection. The tiny device comes with a built in micro phone which enables for real tie video and sound recording.

This device is highly professional and has the additional feature of recording with time and date stamps. There is also a TF card slot which further on supports 32 GB micro TF card. This little device also comes equipped with a wireless remote control.

One of the biggest advantages of this device is that it is one of the smallest pocket spy mini camera. It is not necessary that we use it as a spy camera only but by the looks of it can easily be used as a spy camera. It is widely used for security purposes and people prefer keeping this device hidden. You can use this device to ward off or keep a keen eye on family, valuables, it can additionally be used as nanny cameras or simply as a housekeeper camera, home security camera or mostly it used for secret business monitoring. 

This device has a night vision and please do not be fooled by the size of this device it is also equipped with the ability of operating when the device detects motion. You can also manually operate this tiny device and simply adjust the various different modes by looking for a button which is located on the battery or you also operate using the remote control. This process is a fairly easy one and is pretty quick to deal with. 

There will be a manual which will help you navigate through all the features which are offered by this device.  Most preferably you should set it up step by step. The hidden DVR camera has a built in 3800 m Ah built in battery which is made up of lithium ions. One of the additional plus points of this device is that it has a pretty sustainable camera and batter life which can run up to 10 hours at a stretch. 

By detecting any sort of motion this device will automatically start recording. This only gets better. The device comes with a range of recording options. You can start or stop or you continuously record for up to 10 hours at a stretch.  You can also go ahead and take a snapshot of an event, review the videos and a ton of other things.

One of the biggest plus of this device is the size of this device. It is one of the smallest devices you will ever find on the market and you can easily fit it in a book shelf, breast pocket, collar, basically any place imaginable. The place size of his recorder makes buying this product even more appealing.  

The weight of this device is a mere 240 g and has the advantage and gets connected with the WI- Fi network. So you can probably live stream all the incidents happening sitting anywhere. How cool is that! I already feel like I am a part of a James Bond movie.

Some of the specifications of this special device are as follows: 

  • Resolution: 1920*1080P
  • Video Frame Rate:30 FPS
  • Pictures Format: JPG
  • Imaging scale:16:9
  • Running hour : 10 hours
  • Battery Capacity:3800 mAh
  • Battery: High capacity polymer
  • lithium electricity
  • Voltage : DC-5V
  • Port : Mini 5Pin USB
  • Storage: TF card, 32GB Max

If you are on the lookout to conduct a discrete task and want to maintain your identity and are looking for a miniscule device, this sis exactly what you are looking for. Do not hesitate and go grab this inconspicuous device which does the job. All you have to do is set this device up and that is it!

ProElite F12 Hidden Spy Bulb Shape Fisheye 360° Panoramic Wireless WIFI [Watch Live] 1.3 Mp 960P HD IP CCTV Security Camera With SD Card Slot

Well who would take the bulb as the inanimate spy? This is a really intelligent idea. I mean of all who would suspect a bulb as a spy camera?

This really cool looking device has the added advantage of getting Wi-Fi connection. You can also watch the live demo for your own convenience. All you have to do is go ahead and download the app called V380and click on Local Login.

This device has no limitation when it comes to viewing anything. It has a super wide view angle of about 360 degree panoramic view angle. There is no blind area, seriously take note of this. There are rarely devices in this cohort which offer this unique feature.

You can view the entire room in a stunning quality of HD and you can view during the day as well as during the night. It does not matter if the bulb is lit or not. This device comes with a 960P HD Video format: 1280 x 1024 (1.3MP) resolutions with genuine color by H.264 compression format.

Also it comes with another cool feature. It is sensitive to motion and starts recording when it detects motion. You can also take one step ahead and actually get informed regarding every movement. There is an option of getting notifications the minute the device senses any sort of movement. Or even better, you can store the alert pictures on the Micro SD. It is as if the device can actually feel movement and notifies the minute it senses movement. 

There are no batteries involved and it weighs merely around 231 grams. It has no problem regarding getting charged or not. It manages that task on its own. 

  • Resolution: 1920*1080P
  • Video Frame Rate:30 FPS
  • Pictures Format: JPG
  • Imaging scale:16:9
  • Running hour : 10 hours
  • Battery Capacity:3800 mAh
  • Battery: High capacity polymer
  • lithium electricity
  • Voltage : DC-5V
  • Port : Mini 5Pin USB
  • Storage: TF card, 32GB Max

If you are looking for a device which is easily manageable and does not require you to be responsible for its battery life, go ahead with this product. One of the best features of this device is that it provides a 360 degrees vision and barely has nay limitations that way. This device also does not have the additional headache of a setup. Once it is up on the ceiling you barely need to do anything. 

Pro's of Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam

  • Comes with Gravity Sensor.
  • 170° wide angle lens.
  • Sony Exmor IMX323 image sensor
  • Wide dynamic range support.
  • Great low light performance.

Cons of Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam

  • No Micro SD included with the Camera.
  • Very small screen for inside viewing.
  • Battery life is not good.